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I like their furniture due to the fact that its timeless and good quality – it is also affordable.  It looks great in tradition interiors, modern or contemporary.  Most of my clients mix it with antique style furniture and it fits in perfectly. The quality is fantastic – I wouldn’t use it otherwise.
The team are easy to deal with, open to discussion and to making products that aren’t in the catalogue and when you also want a specific stain colour that isn’t the run of the mill. They keep you informed of progress and when goods are leaving their factory and they have a great knowledge of their products and wood used”.

Joanne Richards, Interior Designer.





Southern Creations & Davies Furniture use timbers which have been harvested from sustainable forests. The main timbers which we create our furniture with are Oak, Rimu, Beech, Walnut, Kauri and Ash.

We prefer these quality timbers as they stand the test of time being harder and more stable than other timbers which you see in many imported furniture.

We use traditional woodworking methods and put emphasis on quality finishing. This ensures that our furniture is the best quality you can buy and something which will last for a very long time.
The hand plane is skilfully used to give a rustic well-loved feel to our furniture.

One method of finishing we use on the furniture is a traditional French Polished method which is a process of hand rubbing many coats of Shellac, Danish Oil and wax into the timber to give it a beautiful patina.

We also use lacquer finishes on some of our furniture especially if it is for a commercial situation.

Our handcrafted furniture is created in our Christchurch factory where it starts at one end as a piece of timber and comes out the other as the best furniture you can buy.

We welcome visits to the factory and are only too happy to show people through our process, so enquire today if you want to know more.

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Southern Creations & Davies Furniture are based in Christchurch and for over 50 years they have been crafting high quality furniture from their purpose built Design Workshop.
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