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Furniture Care

We recommend the use of coasters and place mats to protect your furniture.
WipingOur furniture has been handcrafted to allow for the normal movement of timber under normal circumstances.  Care should be taken to avoid extreme changes of temperature or humidity and we advise to keep furniture out of direct sunlight and away from fires or heaters.

Any water spillages should be wiped away immediately.

Any marks can be removed by wiping the surface with a moist warm clean cloth and then buff with a dry cloth going in the direction of the timber grain. Silicone based cleaners are not recommended.

For french polished furniture where you want to restore the shine to the surface, you can wax it lightly, twice a year, with a thin coat of brown furniture wax to the top. The wax can be bought from the major hardware stores around the country.

On a cloth, apply the wax in the direction of the timber grain. Then take a soft dry cloth and buff, again with the grain, until smooth and streak free.

If your furniture has been dented or badly scratched then give us a call and we can offer some suggestions.

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